Couple’s Paradise (3 hrs 50 mins)

R 3,300.00

Use 990 VBux! and Save R990

A romantic day at the Spa. Share a bottle of sparkling wine and refreshments.

ROMAN ROYALTY SWEDISH MASSAGE – A combination of Swedish, deep tissue and pressure point techniques combined to improve blood circulation and reduce stress, creating a remarkable sense of equilibrium from top to toe.

ULTIMATE ANTI-AGING FACIAL – A heavenly facial allowing you 90 minutes of relaxation. This facial consists of a cleanse, deep exfoliation, steam, and extraction. A mask & 30 minutes anti-aging massage leaves your face firmer, smoother and noticeably young looking.

FOOT EXFOLIATION & FOOT MASSAGE – Relieve your stress and all the anxiety with a soothing foot massage. Increases blood supply to body tissue, improving energy and alertness.

INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE – An ancient Indian form of massage for face, head, neck and shoulders. This technique is used widely for relieving tension headaches and daily pressure. Working on specific pressure points you are sure to feel energized and revitalized.

To be enjoyed at any of the 19 La Vita Spas country wide: Bushman’s Nek •Ÿ Chaka’s Rock Chalets •Ÿ Club Mykonos •Ÿ Drakensburg Gardens •Ÿ Durban Sands / 10 South •Ÿ Gethlane Lodge •Ÿ Hole In the Wall Ÿ• Kloppenheim •Ÿ La Montagne •Ÿ Margate Sands •Ÿ